domingo, 11 de julio de 2010

Chapter. 13 .....................Stupidity.

I could feel my cheeks turning red at an impossible speed so I just smiled and said “thank you” in a voice that even for me was hard to hear and turned around and started walking really fast towards the door. He catched up with me in a second and said:

-Your welcome- with a mocking tone.
I looked at him. There was no way he could’ve heard that.

-What?- he said- You are looking at me like I’m some kinda alien.

I laughed at that. He smiled.

-       Nothing.
-       Ok. - he said in a finishing tone, which I understood as conversation forgotten.
-I need to go to my locker, I can show you where yours is.

-       No that’s okay they showed that to me yesterday.
-       Oh, well I guess I’ll see you later?
-       Yeah, sure what’s your next class?
-       Social Studies.
-       You’re kidding right?
-       Absolutely not. - He said in a fake offended tone.
-       Can I see your schedule, I’m just curios to see what your classes are.
-       I’m afraid that is not possible.
-       Why? Did you lose it? Or you just don’t want me to see it?
-       No I did not lose it, its not that I don’t want you to see it, I just learned it.
-       WHAT? It took me like four days to learn it!

-       Didn’t you need to go to your locker?- he said trying to change the conversation, which I decided to let my do because I really wanted to go to my locker.

-       Yeah right, then I’ll se you next class?

-       See ya.

I turned around and started walking fast toward my locker (we can’t run in school, there’s always teachers watching us). Here’s the thing ,I did need to go to my locker, but as I said before I also wanted because Liz’ locker is just by mine and I really needed to tell her everything!

Of course my urge was for nothing Liz wasn’t there! So I opened my locker              and took all my stuff, and waited therefore three minutes and then I had to go to class because if I waited any longer I was going to be late. OF course the good thing was that she was in all my other classes and we where seated by each other so I could talk to her late in class. And then one thing flashed trough my mind Liz was in my first hour class and I hadn’t seen her. May be that was because I was embarrassed and then I was lost in my thoughts, but she should have probably talked to me, and it was odd that I hadn’t seen her because we usually sit by each other……but we didn’t have time Chase and I where late and then…..oh, I had to stop thinking about that is not like they where going to be mad with me there was no reason to be mad at me.

I decided to forget about it.

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Maaddyy!!!! dijo...

Hoo WAAAW!! mee encantaa como escriibes! sobreetodo en inglees! amoo tus caaps incluso mass cuandoe estan en inglees! yoo tambien escribo en ingles pero ni de cerca tan bien como tu!
Quiidate Muushoooteee i escriibee proontoo pleease!^^'

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