miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010


When Jake was just about to say something, the bell rang and the teacher came in.

Social Studies was brief and distracting. I was surprised by the fact that we had a test on Friday, but that was not enough to keep Chase off my mind. And Liz? Where was she?

When S.S was over I picked up my things and was almost outside the door when someone caught my arm from behind, I turned around expecting to see Chase, and, for my surprise Jake was standing in front of me. A sudden rush of guiltiness hit me, I was thinking about the new guy and nothing else, how bitchy and selfish from me, there were other people who though and cared about me, and I JUST MET HIM!

- Hello.
-Hi!- I said really enthusiastic, trying to hide my feelings.
- How are you?
- I'm.......I'm fine- I answered, a little confused by his question- Why are you asking me this?
- Well, I just thought you could be a little upset for.....you know....
-What?!- What the heck was he talking about?
- You know, for Liz.
-What's wrong with her?- I said, starting to worry- Is she ok? I didn't see her in first hour! What happened?

Sorryyyyy!!!!! ok ya se que me tarde muchoooo y que probablemente (no estoy segura) me quieran matar pero no eh tenidoo nadda nadita de tiempo entre la escuela y my familia q vinieron a visitar! De verdad lo siento y les prometao q manana lo publico en espanol porq ya es muyyy tardee y manana tengo classsesss! Pero eso si es una promesa! L@s quiiieroooo muchooooo!!!

I saw sudden confusion touch his eyes.

- Didn't she tell you? She said she was going to text you.
-Jake, tell me. Please, before I go crazy.
-He you checked your phone? She really did say she was going to tell you!

-Ok I tell you. Well.......her mom.....she had a car accident and she's in the hospital right now- I could hear the sadness in his voice, and see his sorry eyes.
I couldn't  make sense of what he was saying, that was not possible! And then it sunk in and horror invaded me.

-What? NO! That's just not possible! I she allright? Was she hurt badly?......What am i saying? Of course she's hurt she was in car accident and now in hospital and.........and.........Crap! Liz! She must be so frustrated! I need to be with her!......I......- I was silenced by Jakes had over my mouth, and his sad smile. I realized i was babbling out loud, and the people who where coming in and out of the classroom where looking at me.

-Oh! I'm sorry!

His smile just widened.

- I need to go see Liz- I repeated in a much more calmed voice-  She's in the hospital right?-He nodded- What hospital?!

- She is in St. Luke's hospital.
-Shit! that's like 30  minutes from here!....Well i better hurry up, thanks a lot, I owe you one, I heart you so much! Bye! Thanks!- I said hugging him and and giving him a kiss on  the cheek. 

Nad without more distractions i i turned around, and didn't wait for him to answer, nor did I go to my locker or the Main Office to say i was leaving, I just walked straight to my car not caring about anything else than my best friend and my second mom. 

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