lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010


I decided to forget about it.

When I got to class the bell hadn’t ringed yet, so I looked around for Adam, Jake  and Chase, casually he was seated by desk near mine. I left the staff at my desk and told Chase:

-Hey, come with me.

Without a word he stood up an followed me over to where Adam and Jake were standing. I sat in top of the desk by Jake and Adam and Chase stayed on their feet.

-                        =Guys, this is Chase. Chase these are Adam and Jake. – I said pointing to each one of them as I said their names.
-                         =Hey.- They all said at unison.

After that there was a minute of an awkward silence. When I looked at each of their faces I saw a weird expression. As if they weren’t comfortable being near each other. I wondered why that was, it’s not like Adam and Jake had met Chase before, or Chase had met them before. And that was all that was needed to make me mad. Suddenly I  felt my face turn a little red because of my anger, and my eyes getting watery, which happened when I’m happy, mad or sad. I breathed in a couple of times to calm myself down, and decided to break the ice.

-Hey guys, Did you know that Chase moved here from London?
-No!- said Adam.
-Absolutely- said Jake finishing for Adam- that’s totally cool.
-Yeah!- said Adam.

But there, seemed to be something in their voices that I couldn’t recognize. Like sarcasm. Nah, I said to myself, I was totally imagining things that where not happening, I was totally paranoid.

-            =Yeah, it’s pretty cool there, but most of the time is raining or dark. I like it more here, I think people is nicer, and prettier.- he said and looked at me when he finished the sentence.

I immediately felt my cheeks turning red. When Jake was just about to say something, the bell rang and the teacher came in.

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